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Welcome to XIVA, we are here as Best Options for your Improvements Healthcare Administration Service to Serve Better for your Clients & Members. Empower Your Healthcare Benefit Claims Administration with strong flexibility to control the whole TPA Healthcare operational.

EmpoweringHealthcare Service

Empowering the Healthcare Benefit Claims Administration are Easily done Efficiently by the System, which have strong flexibility to control and can be customized by Users, Manage Claims Transaction Details in Real-Time, Auto Calculate Claims Amount Approval, and Many Others.

What makes you Different..?as TPA Healthcare

Besides TPA Healthcare System, Membership Claims Transaction Services (Indemnity or Managed Care), Management of Medical Evacuation, Medical Providers, Administrative Service Only (ASO), and/or Customized Services for remote site can be adapted to each type of activity. Interested..?

as the Primary Executorof Medical Evacuation

To Provide Better Service to our Customers and to serve its members, who are in needs of Urgent Treatment at Local and Overseas Healthcare Providers that have Established Great Cooperation to widen the Partnership Network on a Cashless Basis. We have gathered Great Values and Experience in Assisting Foreign Patients and Providing Assistance Services such as Emergency Medical Assistance, Emergency Out-/In-Patient Referrals, and other Travel-related Assistance Services.

01/ Planning

02/ Strategy

03/ build

04/ Deploy

XIVA System
Integrate Healthcare Business

Management is the Key to Ease Business Operational,
but Service Solutions is by Collaborate with Us

Users Management

Manage User Login with Control to Add/Update/Delete Access, Schedule, User Task, also Chat Message.

Master Data Management

System Dependency need Master Data, such as Transaction Rules, Coverage, Diagnosis, Treatment, Medication, etc.

Clients Management

Manage Client & Products, Services Taken, also Manage Client Type & Client Policy to Control Member Claims Transactions.

Membership Management

Enrollment Membership with Type Principle/Dependant, also Synchronize Policy Settings & Claims Limit.

Claims Management

Claims Transaction or Reimbursement Calculation will Follow Policy Settings, to Process Submission & Payment.

Provider Management

Manage Provider Type, Facility & Tariff, Physician, Clients Agreement, Terminal Transaction, and Contact Person.

Claims Monitoring

Monitoring Claims group by Claims Verification, Approval Pre Admission or Claims Referral, and Worksheet.


Included Standard Reporting such as Utilization, Claims Process, GL Issuance, Enrollment, and Policy Renewal.

Dashboard Notification

Real-Time Chart group by Date of Claims Amount or Member Enrollment, and Push Notification of System Alert.

10 Years of experience
XIVA System is the best guidance to Integrate Your Healthcare Business

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Our Works
Healthcare Management System / Healthcare Benefit System

List Diagnosis - XIVA

Master DiagnosisList Data

List Plan - XIVA

Plan ListList Data

Product Policy - XIVA

Product PolicyReceipt Composition

List Member - XIVA

Enquiry MemberList Data

Medication Dependency - XIVA

Master MedicationData Dependency

List Claims - XIVA

Claims VerificationVerification Data

Details Payor - XIVA

Payor DetailsServices Taken

List Policy - XIVA

Policy ListList Data

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Our Package
TPA Healthcare System

XIVA System use Premium SSL Connection with Powerfull Encryption Protocol Security
High Technology Data Center Support + Constant Bandwidth Maximum Speed 100 Mbps

20 IDR


  • Live Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support + Without Visit

  • Custom Report : 1 Request
  • Max. 5.000 SMS per Month
  • Max. 30.000 Membership
  • Data Traffic Unlimited

  • Intel Xeon : 4 Processor
  • SSD 100 GB + RAM 8 GB

30 IDR


  • Live Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support + 1 Visit per Month

  • Custom Report : 3 Request
  • Max. 10.000 SMS per Month
  • Max. 100.000 Membership
  • Data Traffic Unlimited

  • Intel Xeon : 8 Processor
  • SSD 200 GB + RAM 16 GB

40 IDR


  • Live Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support + 2 Visit per Month

  • Custom Report : 5 Request
  • Max. 25.000 SMS per Month
  • Max. 300.000 Membership
  • Data Traffic Unlimited

  • Intel Xeon : 16 Processor
  • SSD 400 GB + RAM 32 GB

60 IDR


  • Live Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support + 4 Visit per Month

  • Custom Report : 10 Request
  • Max. 50.000 SMS per Month
  • Max. 1.000.000 Membership
  • Data Traffic Unlimited

  • Intel Xeon : 20 Processor
  • SSD 1.000 GB + RAM 36 GB


* Price in Million IDR per Month + 2 Million IDR for One Time Installation

* Visit Transport will be Charged in Monthly Invoice

* Agreement 2 Years of Minimum Contract

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